About us

Why did we start selling masks? 

Based in Sydney, Australia, our jobs and our lives have been impacted so massively by what has happened in 2020. We appreciate that without a vaccine, social distancing is going to be a thing for the foreseeable future. We also understand that the science and the understanding of the issue is always changing as we learn more about how it behaves and the impact it can have on our daily lives. 

Understanding this, we started selling masks as a small step to helping the world get back to normal life. It's extra protection to wear one, it's extra protection for the community if we all wear one, and it's even better for the environment if we can wear reusable ones. 


Why "Voyager"? 

The human species is a naturally social animal. We want to get out and explore, to see people, to interact and to mingle, and yes, even introverts need to get out too. So if wearing a mask can help us get out, help us get back to going to the shops, help us get back to a mere sense of normality, then we want to go back to how things were. We want to see our friends and family again, to go on journeys, trips and travels, to explore, to adventure and ultimately, to voyage into uncharted territory like we used to do.